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welcome to the portfolio lab workshops

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FREE! Photo Shoot Workbook. Organize your next shoot like a pro! 


Hi! I am RJ. Founder of the Portfolio Lab Workshops:

A creative entrepreneur, photographer, art director, stylist, and educator.

I started the Portfolio Lab in order to give fellow photographers a creative space to take beautiful photos for their portfolios. Starting and/or maintaining a portfolio can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and just overall daunting. But the Lab is here to give you the space - and the already artfully styled products, models, and set-ups you need to take your portfolio to the next level! 


create on-trend, gorgeous images for your portfolio


RJ is a badass ninja styling queen with extensive styling, photography, + branding expertise. She has worked with big companies like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels Craft Stores, DownEast Outfitters, and Target. She is passionate about helping other photographers and business owners learn and grow. Join her at a photo lab and create gorgeous photographs for your portfolio, social media, and more! 


Don't forget the Photo Shoot Prep Workbook - where RJ walks you through what you need to get started planning your next big shoot! 


attend a workshop

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is a workshop for you?




need more content for your portfolio, website, and/or social media but planning portfolio and content BUILDING shoots is time consuming, overwhelming, and/or otherwise over your head. You aren't sure where to start or don't feel confident with your styling skills - even though you know your photo skills are on point! 

RJ recommends: Any of our upcoming labs. THey could all be perfect for you - depending on the kind of photos you like to take - food, product, wedding - or - take our styling workshop and get hands-on expereince styling with tips from a pro




want to learn new photo skills in a COLLABORATIVE environment with a kick ass instructor and gorgeous models, props, and studios.

RJ RECOMMENDS:  the upcoming double exposure lab, if you have never tried them before. learn a new way of making unique photographs! Rj loves double exposures - they have long been a favorite of hers.  




aren't a photographer but you'd love to learn some tricks on getting better photos for your blog or business

RJ recommends: the FLAT LAYS for social media mavens workshop. Get hands-on styling coaching and gain the skills and confidence to style photos on your own


For each workshop RJ curates amazing, gorgeous, and fun props and/or models for stunning set ups - all centered around a theme - like food photography or flat lays (both, upcoming shoots). She rents out a beautiful studio space and invites you to come hang out for a session and photograph stylish, on-trend setups or sometimes teaches you to style your own!  + She is available, on set, for pointers and other 1-on-1 help from a seasoned pro. 

Learn + grow with our affordable workshops.

Workshops are all located in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas - With potential future ones opening up in the Provo area (email us if you are interested in those)!

Prices vary based on location, timing, class materials + other styling costs but start as low as $100


investment and upcoming workshops:


Product Photography Portfolio Builder:

Product photography is a must have for your portfolio if you are trying to get into commercial photography. This photo lab is the perfect opportunity to get a wide range of product photos for your portfolio with set-ups from jewelry to art to make-up and more! 

August 4th

$175/ Session

Book before July 21 for an Early Bird discount - 40% off! 

lab photos_food-1.jpg

Food Photography Styled Shoot

Food photography is a delish art form and a great addition to your commercial portfolio. Show off how beautifully you can photograph cakes and more at our food photo lab.

July 14th

September 1st

$175/ Session

Book soon for an Early Bird discount - 40% off! 

double exposure lab workshop salt lake utah

Double Exposure Lab:

This lab is designed for anyone new to double exposure images. This workshop gives you the photo set you need to get started and then a step-by-step walk-through on how to layer those in Photoshop for gorgeous art!

August 18th

$450/ Session

Book before August 4th for an Early Bird discount - 30% off! 

moody wedding workshop salt lake utah

Styled Moody Wedding Photo Shoot 

Join us for our moody wedding set up and add a punk rocker inspired wedding shoot to your portfolio. We are talking leather + skulls all styled up with gorgeous wedding sophistication. 

July 7th

$275/ Session

Book before June 30th for an Early Bird discount - 25% off! 

flat lay girl boss blogger workshop salt lake utah

Flat lays for Social Media Mavens:

This lab is designed for the non-photographer - anyone who needs image content for their blog, business, or Instagram. Learn from a styling and photo pro how to master the art form on your own - even if your only camera is in your phone. 

July 28th

$350/ Session

Book before July 7th for an Early Bird discount - 20% off! 


more coming soon!