Hello fellow creative rockstar,  

I've been a photographer for 10+ years and I have had the amazing opportunity to create photographs for companies like Target. I have run photography departments and studios. I have mentored other photographers. And I have done it all with badass hair and a kickass style. 

All my experience working with big companies only fueled my desire to take all that I had learned and help small companies grow. I have helped brands find and define their style with photography. I have watched their sales rise, their websites transform, and their social engagement skyrocket! 

Now I want to help you get all those things for your brand!

xx, rachel

You know that good photography can generate more sales but you don't know where to start. 

You feel like good photos are unattainable - too expensive - too stressful- too time consuming.

You feel like you have no content to share on social media and creating it gives you panic attacks.

You scroll through Instagram feeds - filled with envy over how beautiful and effortless other brands make it look. 

What if I told you it was possible to start or revamp your business with killer, gorgeous photos that promote your product with the love they deserve? What if it could be done without crying into your latte about the stress and crazy expense of it all?

What if you had a coach to walk you through it all and help you get a system in place to take the anxiety out of visual branding?

When working with me, I'll walk you through strategy, consistency, style + design - everything you need to make your imagery feel on brand across the board.

Are you ready to elevate your products with gorgeous photos!?

Hell yes!

you need a visual branding coach if:

You are starting (or rebranding) a new business and you need someone to walk you through the steps of getting consistent on-brand imagery that tells your company story and attracts your ideal clients

I'll be a good fit for you if:

You value the art of photography and already know that good photos elevate your brand and are worth the investment

1 on 1 coaching with RJ includes: 

Book now! There are two ways to get started >> 1. Hold your spot with a $200 down payment. RJ has a limited number of spots available each month and your down payment guarantees one of those coveted spots is yours! 2. Pay in full and receive $350 off your coaching session + a guaranteed spot!

RJ will email you asap to schedule!

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I am so exited to meet you and get started on taking your photography to the next level. I really believe that great photos can make a huge difference and I bet your product is amazing and deserves to be seen by the world! I can't wait for the chance to show you what I can do! Stay in touch. xx, rj


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