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Hi, I’m RJ. A punk rock Creative Director with a tea obsession. I am just totally, head-over-heels, crazy about art and the people that make it. I started Tea and Scones, as a YouTube show, 5 years ago and it was really just a funny way to blow off steam and rant about things that made me crazy in the art world. Now I’m bringing it back, in podcast form, as a way to exercise my passion for creating a community of artists. I’ll be ranting and raving about all kinds of art stuff + interviewing and chatting with the talented artists I love.

The podcast is free on iTunes, Spotify, and all the good places to find podcasts but Patreon subscribers get all sorts of perks!

However you choose to listen, know that I’m glad to have you as a part of my community of Scone Heads!



Tazo Green Tea - RJ recommends sweetening with honey!


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