White Sneakers//Styled Product Photography//Digital Image

White Sneakers//Styled Product Photography//Digital Image


This listing is for a simple styled image of Converse sneakers. This image is great for showing product or creating blog headers and images.

Specs: Approx. 3500 x 5500 px / 240 dpi / hi-res jpg

Usage: By purchasing this image the buyer acknowledges that their purchase comes with a non-exclusive, limited use licence. The purchaser may use the image for personal or professional use. Image may be cropped, overlaid as fits within purchaser's needs but purchaser may not otherwise alter or manipulate the image.

Copyright: Rachel Johanna Photography remains the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright to this image. Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan or otherwise giveaway this image or any derivatives thereof or allow a third-party to use this image in anyway. 

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