Kinds of digital cameras and the pros and cons of each one - Camera insides and what to look for when purchasing - The basics of using it - Shutter speed, ISO, aperture +More 


Tips, tricks, and rules for composing the perfect image. Negative space. Rule of thirds. Symmetry. Depth of field. Line and shape. All the design elements they taught me in college will be available to you without the corrosponding tears. 

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Learn to shoot in all kinds of lighting scenarios. Soft. Harsh. Mid-day. Golden hour. Backlight + More. Expose properly. Black and white vs color. White balance. 


Lightroom and Photoshop. All the basics to get you started. An inside look into my personal editing process. 

This class is for anyone starting from complete scratch. You either don't have a camera yet or you bought one, but feel like you don't know what any of those buttons do. I'll teach you everything you need to get started from white balance to aperture (and why the heck the numbers seem to go the wrong way). 

This is a self paced course. Take your time taking it all in or eat it up as fast as you can. You do you. The course is delivered all at once as a PDF and is yours to keep and read as many times as you want or need. It is broken down into 4 modules described above. Each includes what I call "fun homework" - assignments that get you out from in front of the screen and into the world (or studio) with your camera - helping you to develop real skills through practicing. 

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