Photographer Style: The Blazer

Here I go, writing about style again. A while back I wrote a post talking about photographer's style and gave some advice about what you, the photographer, should wear. 

I guess you could consider this a follow up post. Today, I specifically wanna talk about the blazer. It is such a great staple to have in your closet as a photographer. The blazer takes my usual, everyday t-shirt and jeans combo and turns it into a cute professional look. And it elevates an outfit with minimal effort. And that's totally my approach to fashion. Ease.

When you are a photographer there is so much more than 'cute factor' to think about when getting dressed for work. You also have to think about how your outfit will function. Will you be too warm when you are moving around the studio? Will it restrict your movements? Will it get in your way? The blazer is (usually) breathable, flexible, and it will never hang in front of what you are working on. (And right now mine is keeping me warm under the cold air vents in my office). 

The one I am wearing in the photos is a poly-spandex blend so it is soft and a little stretchy. I love that it looks professional but it is so comfy! I got mine in a box from StitchFix. A sorta subscription based service that sends you clothes and accessories based on your style preferences. You can have a box sent on a regular schedule or order one as you want (this is what I do). I was a bit skeptical but I tried it out and loved the experience. They pair you with a stylist and you can send them a note when you request a box. I told my stylist I was looking to enhance my workday outfits and this blazer was in my first box. I highly recommend it if you are anything like me and hate shopping and/or don't feel like you have a great eye for style. ha. 

Follow my Photographer's Style board on Pinterest for more great outfit inspiration. There are lots of cute blazer looks.