What to Wear: Advice for the Photographer's Wardrobe

It can sometimes be hard to know what to wear to a shoot. It's a challenge, for me, to get pants on at all. Especially when I was working freelance 100% of the time. Plus, for some reason, I stress about what to wear way more than the average person. So if you are anxious about this topic, like I am, here is a basic guide to clothes for photographers.  

My plan here is to give you a baseline of what works. It's up to you to put your style spin on it. 

In The Office: 

This one is a bit tricky because every company is different. You always have to follow the dress code that they set for you. I work full time for a company that is pretty casual, so I consider myself lucky. Some offices will have dressier atmospheres, most do 'business casual', and some are super 'whatever' about dress code. No matter how strict (or lax) your company is here are some general guidelines to follow. 

  • No rips or holes in your clothes. *She writes while wearing slightly 'distressed' jeans* (They aren't holes...yet)
  • Cover up appropriately. No one should ever have to see your undies. 
    • This one can be hard since you have to bend over, crouch, and get into weird positions sometimes to get the shot. I like to wear a long stretchy tank under my top that is long enough to cover the top of my pants as I move around so I never flash my love handles, or worse, the band of my underwear. (There is no shame in underwear... but just imagine your boss walking into the studio while you are bending over to shoot something. EEK). 
    • Also be careful up top. I am always asking my husband if my top is too 'booby' (to which he always answers 'no' so I don't know why I bother :) Again, you have to do some bending. Just beware of how your top behaves. 
  • Leggings are not pants (this is just my opinion but they aren't pants okay?)
    • I think they are totally fine if what you pair them with totally covers your butt. Leggings can actually be great as a photographer because they allow for lots of movement. Just cover your butt. 

To A Wedding: 

Wedding attire is probably the most specific section. You have to look nice and classy because it's a wedding but you also have to be comfortable in your outfit for lots of hours and you need to kind of blend in...

You know what I remember about my wedding photographer's outfit? NOTHING. I don't remember what she wore. I hardly remember seeing her at all. As a bride I was so pleased with this. She blended in perfectly, so I never noticed her and I wasn't aware of the camera all the time. As a result, my images are candid and real and beautiful.

I recommend:

  •  Black on black on black. 
    • a) It's my favorite 'color.' b) It's easily blendable. c) It matches everything/ Clashes with nothing.
  • A comfy pair of classy looking flats. Try out a bunch. Break in the best pair for a while before your shoot. (Unless you are the kind of superwoman who can rock heels several hours. Or you find the rare comfy pair. Then more power to ya! > The extra height may actually come in handy :) 
  • A cute top / slacks combo. It looks professional while still maintaining the blend factor. You should almost look like you could be a guest, without getting dressed to the nines. Obviously if you are shooting a super formal wedding you don't have to don a floor length gown but you might wear a dressier top than you would at a more casual wedding. That's up to you though. 

For A Portrait Session: 

These tend to be on location (or in your studio) so it's okay to be a little more casual here. You can pretty much wear whatever you want. Just beware of what your clothes say about you and that it fits with your 'brand.' I usually wear my standard t-shirt and jeans but dress it up a little with cute shoes and accessories. It fits me and my company. So really, in this situation, you do you. I would apply a lot of the same principles as you would in the office. Make sure nothing is going to be over-exposed, don't look like a bum. 

You got this ladies. Go out and be stylish and comfy while you shoot! 

Images are all pulled from our Pinterest Board: Photographer's Style. Follow for more great outfit ideas.