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Your Portfolio is a Living Thing

It's allllllive!!!

Your portfolio is a living thing. It grows. It changes. And you need to feed and nurture it. 

I have updated my portfolio at least 1,000 times since I became an artist. (Okay not that many. That's about 100 times a year. And that is a bit excessive). It is good practice to update at least once a year. But portfolios are stressful and nerve-wracking. So much goes into them. So much can ride on them... Oh hell, I am not helping... Let me redeem myself by offering some pointers on how to keep your portfolio up to date and fresh. 

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3 Mistakes Photographers Make [that can hold you back]

You guys, I have been thinking a lot about mistakes. I have made a few in my career and sometimes I can't help but ruminate on them.  I made a boo boo that hurt my own business a couple of months ago. (I'll tell you about later in this post). 

But the one upside to mistakes is that we can learn from them. Here are the top three mistakes I see photographers make and some advice from someone who has experienced it all. 

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