Love and Nature, Nature and Me // Personal Project

I've had this blog post as a draft on my blog for a bit over a week now. I've been hesitant to post it because, unlike my portrait work, this is so personal. It's hard for me to get over my anxiety sometimes... but here it goes!

I photographed these to submit for an exhibition in my hometown. The theme was Spirt, Heart, Home. I explored the relationship between ourselves and nature. How we take it for granted but how it's all part of us. 

I have been fortunate to live in many beautiful places. But I have found people tend not to recognize the beauty around them. They don't see that nature is a part of us. So I love the mountains and the river like I love myself because we are all made of the same stuff. 

In these images I used layered digital photographs to illustrate that feeling of being one with the nature around us. 


I got accepted! My work is now on view at Art Reach in Stillwater, MN. My mother reports that my images are the first you see when you walk in! 

Rachel Glaittli2 Comments