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Camera Love: Caring for your camera in the cold

Christmas might be over but brrr it is still cold. Ew. But you don't wanna let that stop you from going on adventures with your camera. In general, your digital camera should be okay down to 30˚ F. Maybe even lower. But, if like me, you are from somewhere colder than that this time of year, here are some important tips to keep your gear safe in chilly temps. 

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Before & After: Edit Your Phone Photos Like a Pro

I fell in love with photography in high school. I took a class, just for credit, and fell in love. The first time I watched a photo develop in the darkroom I was hooked! But not just on the final product - on the process! I love it beginning to end. Now things are a little different, no need to have a whole darkroom, you have everything you need in your pocket! We take phone photos constantly. And while some may criticize the "overuse" of phones, I prefer to see the ease of photos as a good thing. But phone photos don't always look amazing right off the bat. This blog series is all about turning your phone snaps into great photos with tips from me based on the same edits and apps I use every day! 

3 Mistakes Photographers Make [that can hold you back]

You guys, I have been thinking a lot about mistakes. I have made a few in my career and sometimes I can't help but ruminate on them.  I made a boo boo that hurt my own business a couple of months ago. (I'll tell you about later in this post). 

But the one upside to mistakes is that we can learn from them. Here are the top three mistakes I see photographers make and some advice from someone who has experienced it all. 

The Secrets Of The Selfie: Why You Look So Different On Camera

You got ready this morning and you looked FAB! Then an hour later you snap a selfie with a friend and... WOAH! Who is that? WHAT is that? You think, "I look awful!" 10 minutes later you take a bathroom break and you catch your reflection and you look fine. Great even. So you come to one conclusion... your camera is a jerk!

But your camera is actually perfectly nice. There is just a lot at play here that makes you look "weird." 

Photographer Style: The Blazer

Here I go, writing about style again. A while back I wrote a post talking about photographer's style and gave some advice about what you, the photographer, should wear. 

I guess you could consider this a follow up post. Today, I specifically wanna talk about the blazer. It is such a great staple to have in your closet as a photographer. The blazer takes my usual, everyday t-shirt and jeans combo and turns it into a cute professional look. And it elevates an outfit with minimal effort. And that's totally my approach to fashion. Ease.

5 Photography Situations That Can Land You In Jail

A few days ago, a friend (and fellow photographer) told me about a photoshoot where she got yelled at for shooting somewhere illegally. Except, she wasn't. She and her model were on the public sidewalk and an employee of the shop behind them screamed at them to stop taking pictures. But, it is perfectly legal to shoot in a public place. She was within her rights as a photographer. As a general rule of thumb, if you can see it from the public place in which you are standing, it is legal to shoot it. Pretty simple, right? But not all photoshoots will be so black and white. Read on for a list of not so simple situations you and your camera might find yourself in.

You Have a Right to Your Rights // Tea and Scones Video

Meet Tea and Scones: a comedy-ish show where I talk/rant about Photography

Dear anyone confused about your rights, 

You gotta fight for your right to photograph things! 

(forgive my terrible iPad self-filming BS)

PSA: This video is meant to be an entertaining intro to photographer's rights. You are responsible for doing your own research and knowing where it is and isn't okay to shoot. 

What to Wear: Advice for the Photographer's Wardrobe

It can sometimes be hard to know what to wear to a shoot. It's a challenge, for me, to get pants on at all. Especially when I was working freelance 100% of the time. Plus, for some reason, I stress about what to wear way more than the average person. So if you are anxious about this topic, like I am, here is a basic guide to clothes for photographers.  

My plan here is to give you a baseline of what works. It's up to you to put your style spin on it. 

How to Create and Work With Inspiration Boards [+A freebie]

Inspiration boards are pretty much my favorite thing. I think they are vital to the creative process, highly beneficial when working with clients, and the perfect way to organize your brain. I use them when starting any new project. A photo shoot, a new product line, a logo design... anything! But I didn't always use them before starting a big project. And I wish I had! Think of all the time wasted without a clear vision of where I was headed with a particular project!

This post is meant to help you love inspiration boards like I do. They are fabulous, time saving, sanity savers. And they aren't just for designers. 

To Watermark or Not To Watermark...

There are so many articles out there about watermarking and they generally fall into two categories:


2. meh. don't bother. what's the point? if they steal it, they steal it. 

I fall somewhere in the middle. So I offer up this article to give you as much info on both sides as I can, so that you can make the best decision for you and your business. 

Your Portfolio is a Living Thing

It's allllllive!!!

Your portfolio is a living thing. It grows. It changes. And you need to feed and nurture it. 

I have updated my portfolio at least 1,000 times since I became an artist. (Okay not that many. That's about 100 times a year. And that is a bit excessive). It is good practice to update at least once a year. But portfolios are stressful and nerve-wracking. So much goes into them. So much can ride on them... Oh hell, I am not helping... Let me redeem myself by offering some pointers on how to keep your portfolio up to date and fresh.