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Hello fellow creative rockstar,  

I've been a photographer for 10+ years and I have had the amazing opportunity to create photographs for companies like Target. I have run photography departments and studios. I have mentored other photographers. And I have done it all with badass hair and a kickass style. 

All my experience working with big companies only fueled my desire to take all that I had learned and help small companies grow. I have helped brands find and define their style with photography. I have watched their sales rise, their websites transform, and their social engagement skyrocket! 

Now I want to help you get all those things for your brand!

xx, rachel

There are 4 ways to work with me


Shop the Stock Shop

The Stock Shop is for you if:

 -your budget doesn't have room for custom photos yet but you know you need some killer imagery for your site/ blog/ social media


Ship + Shoot

The Ship + Shoot program is for you if:

-you already have a strong brand and you just need someone to hand over your product to- trusting them (me!) to do their magic



Invest in a Branding Package

Branding packages are for you if: 

-you are starting (or rebranding) a new business and you need someone to walk you through the steps of getting consistent on-brand imagery that tells your company story and attracts your ideal clients


Get it all!!!

Option four gets you:

-photo branding -templates and tools -1:1 coaching with me -and a rockstar photographer to shoot your product

I am so exited to meet you and get started on taking your photography to the next level. I really believe that great photos can make a huge difference and I bet your product is amazing and deserves to be seen by the world! I can't wait for the chance to show you what I can do! Stay in touch. xx, rj


instagram with me

Are you thinking, "Well that all sounds real cool and all but I was actually hoping to hire you to shoot my wedding?" Well, hey, hi, hello! Let me redirect you here!

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Interested in working with me? Awesome!

Email is the best way to reach me and filling this bad boy out will get you right to my inbox!

Send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP!

*Please note my general office hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday and you should recieve a response within 24 business hours.


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